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Straight Teeth Sytems

Straight Teeth Sytems

You Can Stop Living Your Life With Twisted, Crooked Teeth And Start To Feel Confident Again When Having Your Photo Taken

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Dental Implants Solutions

Dental Implants Solutions

Do You Want To Replace Your Missing Teeth? To Eat, Chew The Foods That You Love? To Feel Good About Yourself & Your Smile? 

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Meet David Hickey & The Team

Meet David Hickey & The Team

From his Southport Road Dental Practice, David integrates conventional medical dentistry with his ‘Totally No Pain” Method of Dentistry. 

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Dental Team Chorley

4.8 Stars

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“My appointments have been handled with professionalism, empathy and care. I have felt in control at all times and have full confidence in their handling of my treatments” Says Kath

For *Pain Free Dentistry

Call Us Today On 01257267707 (24/7)  

“How To Beat The Fear Of The Dentist”

During this briefing you will uncover new secrets, methods, technology and new ideas to reduce or even eliminate your fear of the dentist that no one else in the dentistry world is talking about. You’ll get some really good insight of why, if you are scared of the dentist, why you need to be coming to see David Hickey and his team at Southport Road Dental Practice.

With all fear of the dentist’s issues it is often a lack of trust from the patient, so this is why we are going to delve deeper, build up some trust and connection and some bonding for the patient…

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*Pain Free Dentistry in Chorley

David Hickey As Seen In The Daily Express

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The Southport Road Dental team are crusading to bring the people of Chorley the gentlest dentistry or your money back guaranteed!

Discover Six “Totally No Pain” Promises 

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Dear Reader,

Would you love to find a dentist in and around Chorley who can GUARANTEE  you will feel no stress, fear or anxiety?

And would you also like to see real proof from other patients who’ve experienced no stress, fear or anxiety?

Good, because there is absolutely no excuse in today’s advanced medical world that anyone should suffer pain, or anxiety… would you not agree?

You may have suffered a bad experience at the dentist when you were younger or definitely know someone who has.

Nearly a hundred years ago a dentist named “Painless Parker” changed his name by deed pole so he could carry on bringing painless  dentistry to the masses who could not afford private dental care.

 Dr David Hickey…Chorley’s *Pain Free Dentist

David at just 34 years old has a Masters in Restorative Dentistry.

He has trained under the world’s most distinguished dentists and brings new revolutionary methods, technologies and best practice to the people of Chorley.

David has extensively studied Dr Painless Parker and now combines ultra modern day techniques and gentlest dentistry methods to bring you “Totally No Pain” Dentistry to Chorley!

From his Southport Road Dental Practice, Chorley, Dr Hickey integrates conventional medical dentistry with his Hickey ‘Totally No Pain” Method of Dentistry. Please see David’s ‘Six Totally No Pain Promises’.

Why did he choose a career in advanced dentistry?

“I like to see people smile and everyone should have a smile that they want the world to see.  I love to transform smiles that were hidden in to smiles that are used every day.” David says.

Maybe it was because his dad has been involved in the medical profession that David ended up in dentistry.

But combined with his attention to detail… this is the profession he has set up in business.

After graduating from Leeds University in January 2004 decided to buy a practice located in an old Victorian building

David is a member of the General Faculty, and the Executive publisher of the Hickey ‘Totally No Pain’ Method of Dentistry, Chorley.

Dr Hickey has a passion for providing his patients with Extreme Customer Service which includes Dentistry for Busy Chorley People Hours and not Office Hours, plus his telephone number is answered twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week including Sundays, and in addition he offers early, late and Saturday appointments.

Click Here For A “Totally No Pain” Appointment

Our focus is on YOU the patient, not the dental practice.

Taking his responsibility to the environment as a business owner, David was recently awarded the Green Achiever Award. 

David and his team are devoted to providing his patients with simple communication they can understand. And his team have decided to ban all Greek sounding words commonly used within dentistry.

Medical Maverick and Pioneer. Dr Hickey is just one of a handful of dentistry doctors to practice Anxiety Free Dentistry. And is part of a Nationwide Network and MasterMind group of dentists who meet at least a dozen times a year over the phone and in person to share extreme customer service tips.

When you join David for an initial Fear Free Smile Audit he donates a proportion of monies received to Macmillan Cancer Relief

Dear Reader,

My name is David Hickey and I would like to invite you into Southport Road Dental Practice for a FREE ‘Am I Suitable For A New Smile’ Analysis!  This free appointment enables you to:

  • Talk to one of our Smile Advisor’s about any fears or concerns
  • Discover the treatments that are available to you
  • Ensure you are comfortable in the surroundings
  • Find out how you can smile confidently again

Total cost – FREE

Click Here For A “Totally No Pain” Appointment

Patient Success Stories…

“The experience was excellent, friendly and I felt no discomfort”

—Mr David Joseph of Chorley.

“I can enjoy eating food, and smile with confidence”

—Mrs R. Goodman

“Dentistry Without Fear”

Rather, it is pain inflicted by a dentist who is perceived as cold and controlling that has a huge psychological impact. Pain inflicted by a dentist who is perceived as caring is much less likely to result in psychological trauma (Weiner et al, 1999).

Click Here For A “Totally No Pain” Appointment

 We GUARANTEE you will feel no stress, fear or anxiety

I’d love speak with a real person at 8am or lunchtime or at 10pm at night and not get an annoying answer phone or fax machine…

I’d also like to go for my appointments at 8 am, or 7pm or even Saturdays

At Southport Rd Dental Practice you can speak with a real person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Sundays

At Southport Rd Dental Practice you can come for your appointment at 8am, 7.30 pm or Saturday mornings

We are the only Denplan Excel Accredited practice in Chorley, and have featured in the national press.

Denplan Size A cmyk posDenplan Excel is the new accreditation programme developed under the guidance of the Patients Association, assuring all patients that the practice follows enforceable verifiable standards in ALL aspects of treatment planning options, treatments, customer service, x-ray safety and cross infection control procedures.

This means that we are also implementing Clinical Governance as presently understood, which includes Clinical Audit and independent Peer Review and is the latest raft of recommendations affecting practice protocols for the safety and confidence of all patients.

Best Regards

david hickey




Dr David Hickey

Totally “No Pain” Free Appointment

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