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“My appointments have been handled with professionalism, empathy and care. I have felt in control at all times and have full confidence in their handling of my treatments” Says Kath

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“Pain Free” Dentistry
And We Can Prove It!

We talk a lot about “Pain Free” Dentistry at Southport Road Dental. We strive to deliver your dental treatments in a calm, relaxed, stress free, anxiety free, and judgement free environment.

In fact, we measure how effective we are at providing pain free dentistry in a couple of ways. First, we ask each patient to fill in a “Happiness Index” form after each treatment. Second, we record video, written and audio testimonials of our happy patients who overcame their fear of the dentist with our help.

Finally, and this is something that really reinforces our “Pain Free” message. Dental Fear Central is a forum for dental patients and dental phobics’ to share their views on the dentistry they receive. Below is an extract from a forum post that originated with a former nervous patient.

This is what she had to say…

“Fantastic, Caring Dentist In Chorley Lancashire”

Hi Guys,

I can’t recommend This Dentist enough for nervous patients, I met with David for a free consultation, I was offered a coffee and a friendly chat away from the dentist chair, he asked permission to have a look at my teeth, then talked through everything with me, he was gentle and caring and definitely non judgemental. we talked through all my fears, and worked a plan around them, he lets me feel totally in control.

He specialises in pain free dentistry, I can confirm after two root canals it was pain free and I would have another without any worries. He answers all my emails no matter how trivial my concerns may be.

his details are

David Hickey, Southport Road Dental, 9 Southport Road, Chorley, PR7 1LB


Now Get This, Other People Responded To This Comment And Here Is What They Had To Say…

I visit this dental practice, too. I can thoroughly recommend it for people, like myself, who were terrified of visiting the dentist. David is excellent in his chosen profession and specialises in patients with phobias.

I had not been to the dentist for over a decade after some bad experiences but feel completely different visiting the Southport Rd practice. David takes the time to get to know you and your fears before he even asks if he can take a look in your mouth.

My experience of him examining my teeth (several of which were broken, had missing fillings, discolored and crooked) was the total opposite of what I had previously experienced: there was no painful probing or scraping at all, it was so gentle I felt nothing at all. 

I have gone from being unable to talk about my teeth and having palpitations at the thought of visiting the dentist to, this week, on only my third visit to David,having a broken tooth out and not feeling a thing! It’s only through the care and professionalism of the team at Southport Rd that I’ve come this far … 

I can really recommend them … Visit their website, there’s lots of info on there (especially about The Wand!) and it gives you a real taste of David’s ethos. There are lots of mentions of ‘pain free’ dentistry … It really is pain free, It’s not a gimmick, it’s a fact.

And Then This To

Hi Kelly

This may sound a daft question, but is this dentist real?!  He sounds amazing and the answers to all my worries, but you know when something sounds too good to be true?

His website is also ‘different’ not corporate as some might be. But when your used to looking at corporate sites, his seems very different. 

Thanks in advance for replying, Katie

As Well As…

Bottom line is, he’s fab. An amazing dentist who really empathises with nervous patients and understands your issues.

I went last week for a check-up after having previously had two teeth out … I simply can’t believe I can actually say that “I’ve had two teeth out” as literally four months ago I was so scared I had a panic attack simply talking to David on the phone, I was that scared. He is so patient, understanding, gentle and so unlike any dentist I have ever met before!

His website may be a little ‘quirky’ and is certainly not corporate because he treats his patients as individuals and appreciates their individual needs, not as a ‘one size fits all’ service of some big firms.

A great thing about the practice is that there’s no waiting … he’s always on time, you’re straight in and there’s no time to get edgy and he ALWAYS asks how you’re feeling about being there before he sits you down in a chair and talks to you face to face, not in the chair!!!!

The dental nurses are fab, too, as I was being numbed to have a tooth out, she chatted to me and rubbed my shoulder: it was exactly what I needed to help me relax and feel at ease and comforted.

My issue is with not being numb enough … I put my trust in David and he didn’t let me down. He was patient and made me very, very numb – having a tooth out was pain free. He was so patient and everything was done at my pace.

I know this is a long ramble/reply but I conquered my dental fears with David. So much so I’m choosing to go back and have cosmetic dentistry. My advice would be phone David, talk to him and you’ll know straight away you can trust him!

OK, Nearly Done But…

Quite simply this practice is superb – the level of care and professionalism from all the staff is excellent. 

Just for background – I am 52 year old, from Bolton. I had not visited a dentist for 25 years, and I was terrified and I mean terrified of going to a dentist. Nevertheless because I was so ashamed and emabarrassed of how bad my teeth were – and after help from reading this forum – I decided to contact the practice this January.

I was assigned to Rashmi (David’s wife) and have now completed my treatment, which lasted about 3 months of six appointments. 

Rashmi has a wonderful, outgoing personality and immediately puts you at ease. On my first appointment she had total empathy and understanding of how nervous I was without being judgemental or patronising on the state of my teeth.

I was given a treatment plan, at a pace I was happy with. The dental nurse (Lindsay) is also superb and I never felt rushed.

Injections are pain free and administered in such a way that you have complete confidence that you are sufficiently numbed. Rashmi also talks to you throughout the treatment , lets you what she is doing and how long it takes. It really is a completely different level of care.

I cannot praise this practice enough. A big thank you to Rashmi and all the staff, from a grateful smiling customer !!


Can This Be True?

The answer is ‘yes’ it is true and yes I am real! You don’t need to take my word for it, just listen to what our happy clients have to say.

If you would like to know more about our “Pain Free” denitstry your are most welcome to come along to the practice or a nearby coffee shop for a completley FREE smile audit. I promise it will be Stress Free, Anxiety Free and Judgement Free.

Just give me a call or pop in your details below.

Here’s to “Pain Free” Dentistry

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