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Are You Suffering From…

* Painful Tooth Ache?

* A Broken Filling?

* A Lost Crown?

* Bleeding Gums?

 Emergency Dentist Chorley

The Emergency Dentist Tooth Crisis Clinic Chorley

End Your Pain in 59 Mins or less.

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Emergency Dentist Chorley is here to help…stress-free assistance inside of 59 mins of your suggested arrival at award winning Southport Road Dental Practice – or your visit could be totally free – my personal 100% guarantee by David Hickey!

Dental Emergency Guarantee

Stress free help in one of the leading dentist studios.

Get a free of charge visit if we don’t assist you inside of 59 mins of your visit on the day of your call, including Saturday mornings (except Sunday).

End your toothache today for just £95, total price

That includes extractions and temporary fillings

If you do require more advance treatment to end your pain we will make you comfortable and then advise you of what treatment is needed and what the additional costs would be before we go any further.

The Emergency Dentist Tooth Crisis Chorley

End Your Pain in 59 Mins or less.

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Southport Road Dental, 9 Southport Road, Chorley, Lancs,  PR7 1LB

Totally free Manual: 

What Can Happen If Pain Is Overlooked

What CAN Happen IF Dental APPOINTMENTS ARE MISSED: It is perfectly comprehensible – a lot of people try to tough it out true grit some people assume it is soft to go to a dentist for a small tooth ache or an annual check up.

However, continual or periodically reoccurring tooth troubles is your mouths only way of forewarning you maybe a probably serious issue exists (pain is an alarm that should not be ignored)

IT Might Step by step GET WORSE – YOU Might Miss TIME AT Work

After back pain, dental problems are one of the leading results of time lost from work. In these days of manufacturer downsizing and job insecurity, you wish to be at work and at your very best when you are there.

IT Might Make Future Vital Dental Treatment Much more DIFFICULT, Much more TIME Consuming, Much more Pricey AND Much less EFFECTIVE.

Delaying essential treatment, masking pain with aspirin and various other medicines may solely be successful at creating treatment far tougher when the time comes that you no longer put it off.

IT Might Produce A Need FOR Dental SURGERY.

Dental Surgery is no small matter. Going under the knife always has an element of risk involved. Your capability to work and play may be limited immediately after surgery. Surgery and recovery can be really costly.

The Emergency Dentist Tooth Crisis Clinic Chorley

End Your Pain in 59 Mins or less.

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