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Sedation Dentistry With Rashmi at Southport Road Dental

Are You Scared Of Seeing The Dentist? Do You Put Off Getting Much Needed Treatment Because Of Your Fear?

We Have Some Good News For You. With Sedation Dentistry, You Can Overcome Your Fear!

For nervous patients, a trip to the dentist can be a stressful experience, even getting into the dentist’s chair can be too much.  Just coming to the practice can be a real cause of stress and occasionally people need somebody to bring them in to see us.

Introducing Rashmi, Your Sedation Dentist

rashmi - sedation dentistI’m married with two little boys who keep me extremely busy. I work at the dental practice a couple of days a week. I’ve got a couple of mummy days, a couple of kiddie days, and a couple of teeth days.

I’ve recently completed a Sedation and Pain Management, post-graduate certificate. It didn’t just look at the sedation side of things. It showed you a process of how to help an anxious patient, what methods you can use to manage their pain and manage their anxiety which for us, trying to provide that pain-free care is fantastic.

I completed the certificate at University College London. It’s well-known, not only in the UK, but all around the world. A lot of the professors travel in from all over. Even on the course itself, I think about 25% of the intact were foreign students that people were prepared to come quite a long way to go to that course which I think, says a lot about that course and the quality of teaching that we were receiving from there.

If you are a nervous patient and you come for your first consultation, the first thing I normally do is just ask you why you’re here and what you’re hoping for. I tend not to do this in the dental chair. I prefer a couple of chairs next to each. I’d rather know what concerns you, I probably spend about 10-15 minutes just finding out about what you want.

Usually, I prefer to say that sedation is not necessary but if you feel as though your anxiety is either going to stop you from having that treatment done, not being able to sleep, then I we can look at using sedation.

So What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Some patients need a little extra help to undergo dental treatment. For those nervous patients, conscious sedation is an option. Sedation or sleep dentistry will induce a ‘deep calm’, allowing everybody the opportunity to have the smile they desire. For very nervous patients we can offer sedation, intravenous sedation, taking the anxiety out of the treatment.

Sedation Dentistry allows even the most nervous of patients to undergo any dental treatment. Sedation dentistry enables you to be kept awake throughout the entire procedure, but you will feel relaxed and likely won’t remember much about your treatment.

Our goal is to make your procedure painless and to also make it so you’re not aware what’s going whilst remaining conscious. Less than an hour later you can walk out the building with a friend or family member having experienced a treatment that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to go through.

“I Had No Pain Whatsoever” Says Rachel Kershaw

“PAIN FREE Dentistry, I have no fear of the dentist any longer! … what a lovely team of people from the receptionist to the dental nurses to the dentists and hygienist, you could not be made to feel more welcome!

Through having a tooth extracted to having all of my fillings, I had no pain whatsoever and was talked through every procedure clearly and was never forced into making any decisions, but helped with the best options possible to keep my mouth/teeth as healthy as possible!

Big thanks again to all the team”

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You can make sure that you’re comfortable in your surroundings and ask any questions and talk through any concerns that you have about having treatment.

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