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Nervous Dental Patients

Are You Scared Of The Dentist?

You are not alone! There are a huge proportion of people who are terrified of coming to the dentist. 

“Rashmi Explains Our Pain Free Techniques”

As you know we are absolutely dedicated to giving pain free care to our dental patients and the ways that we do that is, find out why you have a problem.  What experience you have had in the past to try and make things as different as possible to tackle your care in a very unique way, we ensure that you don’t feel the injection by using a special gel on your gum which helps it be pain free, we give the aesthetic at a correct temperature.

So more body temperature which again helps the procedure be as pain free as possible and we just take our time, allow you to stop us at any time and just give us feedback on how we are doing and if there is anything that we can change to make it better then we try and do that for you.

Many of these people are so fearful about coming in that the health of their mouth suffers as a result.  People who avoid the dentist are more likely to have problems with their gums and be more prone to infection and gum disease. 

It is important to see a dentist regularly so that if issues with your mouth do arise they can be treated swiftly and can prevent the damage done to your smile becoming irreversible.  The good news is that with advances in dentistry there is now no need for you to be in pain whilst at the dentist! 

“Eternally Grateful For Curing My Phobia Of Dentists”

I had purposely avoided the dentist for a few years due to a phobia instilled from a young age. As a adult I hadn’t shared my smile for a number of years as I was ashamed of my dark and crooked teeth.I decided to overcome my fear and approach a dentist.

After a little searching, I came across David as he specifically dealt with anxious patients and cosmetic dentistry. From my first appointment onwards, David and the Team were extremely attentive and understanding. They explained procedures fully and made sure I was comfortable. The actual work on my teeth is life changing.

I highly recommend the practice and will continue to spread the word of the quality of work that is carried out here. I am eternally grateful for the work and curing my phobia of dentists!

Carol Goodman from Chorley

Here at Southport Road Dental we will always talk you through the treatment that you’re going to receive and what is involved.  We won’t proceed with treatment until all of your questions have been answered and you’re comfortable.

Then we like to bring a little ‘magic’ to your treatment.  Syringes are a thing of the past here at Southport Road Dental, in our quest to bring you the best pain free care available we discovered THE WAND.  The wand delivers pain free, computerised injections ensuring that anaesthetic is delivered comfortably and without pain.  Best of all the want is able to just numb the tooth being treated, meaning that after treatment your face will still feel normal!

Why are people phobic or fearful of the dentist?

There are hundreds reasons why you may be scared when it comes to visiting the dentist. It may be something as simple as the smell of a dental practice that puts you off or a previous bad experience. 

Below are a few reasons why you may be phobic about visiting the dentist. Rest assured that you are not alone: there are many millions of people that suffer from dental phobia.

  • Previous experience – you may have had a bad experience in the past that has put you off going to the dentist. You may have undergone a painful procedure in the past or be scared of needles or perhaps you just didn’t get on with your last dentist. 
  • If you have neglected your teeth and gums you might be embarrassed about showing your mouth to anyone. 
  • You may have a fear of dental instruments being placed in your mouth. This may trigger a gag reflex or cause anxiety. 
  • Many people fear the unknown.  If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, maybe since you were a child, in this time you may have seen or heard stories that have put you off coming back.
Fantastic, caring dentist in Chorley Lancashire.

You may fall into one of the categories above or have several reasons for your phobia, but the first step you can make in overcoming this fear is to recognise it and know that something can be done about it.

There are several ways that we use here at Southport Road Dental to help you overcome your anxieties, and many things that you yourself can do. These include:

  • Tell us your fears and concerns – we promise all of our patients that we will listen to any fears or concerns that you have. It is important that you can talk about your fears and concerns with us openly and comfortably. 
  • We will always give you a full explanation of what your treatment will involve.  We can explain it step by step to you so that if you have any questions about your treatment these can be answered beforehand. 
  • Try to be open and honest if you feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth or your lack of dental care. We have seen many cases of dental neglect – which are more than likely been in a much worse state than yours.

The most important thing for you to recognise is that you have taken the right steps to begin correcting this and we’re here to help, not judge.

  • Relaxation and distraction techniques – tell us what works for you!  We will do whatever we can to make your visit more enjoyable; from scented oils to head phones to block it all out just let us know! 
  • Using a painless injection technique – before giving an injection, we apply a numbing gel to your gums. Giving the injection slowly and at body temperature reduces the pressure and causes less pain.
    If it will make your more comfortable we will talk to you whilst giving the injection to distract you from the anxiety.

Still unsure?  Fill out the box below for your free Smile Analysis.  You can come into the practice and talk to our friendly team and get a feel for the place and you won’t have to sit in the dentist’s chair.

You can make sure that you’re comfortable in your surroundings and ask any questions and talk through any concerns that you have about having treatment. 

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