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Are You Looking For Whiter Teeth?

Are Your Teeth Discoloured & Stained?

Do You Hide Your Teeth When You Smile?

At Southport Road Dental we offer several different types of teeth whitening treatment to suit the needs of your teeth as well as your budget. Check out the choices below…

Teeth Whitening Menu

Whiten Your Smile for £395

For just £395 Southport Road Dental Practice can now offer you Whitening For Life!

At the start of your treatment you will whiten both your upper and lower teeth daily with the easy to use at home system.  The pack that you will take home will contain your custom made whitening trays and 12 tubes of whitening solution. 

This allows you to obtain the shade that you want in your own time, perfect for fitting in with busy lives.

After your initial treatment we will top up your smile yearly when you visit one of our polishers. 

When you Whiten your smile, 3 people will receive ‘sight giving glasses’ on your behalf through our partnership with Buy1GIVE1 

Brighten Your Smile for £197 

Got a party, family event or holiday coming up?  The type where you know that there will be lots of cameras about, meaning posing for pictures every two minutes?

Why not get camera ready and brighten up your upper or lower teeth for just £197.00!

You can brighten your smile from home with a custom made tray and five tubes of whitening solution.  In just 10 days, you can lift and brighten your smile and be ready to show it off at every opportunity! 

When you Brighten your smile, 1 person will receive ‘sight giving glasses’ on your behalf through our partnership with Buy1GIVE1 

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